The subscription box saga.

    I love trying new things. I also love spending money and buying things that I don’t necessarily need, so naturally, when I heard that I could try a few new things every month for a flat fee I got excited.  I try my hardest to be interested in makeup, I really do but honestly, I’m not coordinated enough to even put on eyeshadow let alone artfully create a full look that I’m supposed to confidently walk around wearing all day. Since I enjoy trying new things, the first subscription box I tried was Ipsy. They send you five sample size products in a cute little makeup bag that changed month to month all for $10. The first few months I absolutely loved it. I received some high-end products and who doesn’t love makeup bags to keep everything in but the next couple months steadily went downhill. I received more nail polish and hair static sheets in 3 months than anyone needs. They were showing hair oils, expensive lip gloss and shadow pallets I would have gone gaga over. Needless to say that I was fed up with not getting the good stuff so I canceled my subscription. Onto the next subscription fad that I wanted to try was Birchbox. 

After doing a quick Instagram search of Birchbox it showed that they offered high-quality products and it actually seemed that they were bigger than Ipsy offered but instead of coming with a makeup bag this subscription came with a cute reusable box, so I signed up. My first box came and I have to admit that it was worth the $10. I received the regular items in the box as well as a cute compact mirror to keep in my bag. The next box was a little lackluster but I used the products and enjoyed them just as well. This month however, I was super unimpressed with the selection. The only thing that I will actually use in the box is this cute waterproof shimmery eyeshadow sick. I decided to cancel my subscription after feeling that I did not get what I paid for.

Now, the point of this whole post is the subscription I currently have…Scentbird. This subscription is awesome. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE smelling good. I’ve always wanted to be one of those people who when people walk by, they wonder what I’m wearing because I smell so good. This site sends you a sample bottle of designer perfume (that you get to choose) every month for $14.95. The first month they send you your scent of choice with a cool holding container that is reusable, just pull one vile of and stick your new one in. They sell other cases for 12.95 in a wide variety of metallic colors. These are absolutely perfect for throwing in your purse or handbag to freshen up during the day (which we all need).

Are there any subscription boxes you guys are interested in or think I should try? If so leave me a comment so I can check them out! 

If you would like to subscribe to Scentbird, you can use my link to get a free perfume when you sign up! Just visit here.


   Instagram: sarahlove5406


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